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Free Gang Bandana with every album sold – ICP April 26, 2010

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Now that the Gang Rags album is almost complete, more details about what Juggalos can expect with this CD are coming out of the woodwork.

From the previous interview we conducted with Blaze, Violent J, and Mike E. Clark concerning Gang Rags, they made it very clear that the dead man was stepping into new territory while staying true to his Detroit G roots. As producers of the album, J and Mike pushed Blaze to new levels, and he not only met every goal that was set for him, but he surpassed them and then some.

You can also look forward to some special guests making appearances on Gang Rags. Blaze’s very own Psychopathic Family, the Insane Clown Posse and ABK will be laying down some vocals on a track or two. But you can also look forward to the professional weed smokers, the Kottonmouth Kings, and the legendary Dayton Family to be lending their talents as well.

But now we have some brand new information that is sure to flip your wigs. The details are still a little scarce, but this is what we were able to piece together. Packaged along with every Gang Rags album will be a bandana.

This bandana is one of a kind and was specifically designed for Gang Rags. You won’t be able to pick this up anywhere on its own, because it will only be included with the album.

To make this whole thing even sweeter it sounds like there will be multiple bandana colors to choose from! Or if you want, you can collect an entire set. To make that easier the color of the bandana included will be indicated on the cover of the album. No guessing needed! You’ll know exactly what you’re reppin’!

As more details arise about these bandanas we’ll be bringing you the facts! But for now everyone will have to be patient while waiting for this album to drop. That release date of June 22nd may seem like it’s mad far away but the days are just ticking down now!



Blaze Ya Dead Homie – GangRags – 2010 April 26, 2010

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New Blaze Ya Dead Homie album in the works called gangrags .

They are blatantly advertising Juggalos as a gang now .


Juggalo Gang- Loveland police give rundown on gangs; 300 residents attend forum April 7, 2010

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Report Herald has the juggalo gang right on the money


One group known for violence in other cities, although it is not a recognized gang in Colorado, are juggalos, or fans of hip-hop duo Insane Clown Posse.

Although most fans of the music group don’t turn violent or become criminals, some juggalos have crossed the line and committed murders and other crimes mirroring the violent lyrics, police said.

Not everyone who wears red or blue or who listens to Insane Clown Posse is a gang member.

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But gang members associated with those signs are committing crimes. Therefore, such clothing and tattoos are red flags that police look for.

Some Comments from concerned residents here

The article states that the Juggalos are “One group known for vilence in other cities …” It is right here in Loveland. The stabbing at N.Lake Park last summer was done by a Juggalo. Wake up Loveland – they are here and are violent! I think CO and other states should do as AZ and legally classify them as a gang. The news is full of killings by these gang members – do a search for yourself.

Doc, from the article, “Not everyone who wears red or blue or who listens to Insane Clown Posse is a gang member.” I was at the meeting and they made this very clear. However, they also stated that if your kids/grandkids, etc DO listen to ICP, they should be observed carefully, just to make sure they are fans of the band/music, and not crossing the line like some “juggalos” do and start acting out some of the very violent lyrics. BTW: Utah and Arizona DO legally classify Juggalos (fans of ICP) to be gang members.
It was a great meeting and I hope they will repeat this annually. If you missed it and are interested, the PD stated they’d be happy to make their presentation to your community/homeowners group, church, etc.

Juggalo Gang Defined March 30, 2010

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Gangs or groups that do not follow Chicago or LA styles
•Locally-basedgangs that adopt names of national gangs, without affiliation
•Adopt mixed signs and symbols (mix LA and Chicago)
•Look like traditional street gangs, function differently
•Loosely structured
Violence tends to be toward random victims
•Most dominant type of new gangs in previously non-gang areas
•Cliques, posses,crews

Juggalo Gang
•Little group structure,members see themselvesas individuals
•Found across the country
•Concentrated in cities
•violent –known to carry hatchets / axes
•Salt Lake City has experienced recent Juggalo violence

Group Presence
•Seattle & King County
•Pierce County
•Whatcom County
•Individual followers most other areas
•Individuals with painted faces, ICP decals and stickers have been observed in Yakima

Parents And victims please inform us here


Juggalos told “Choke ’em. Kill ’em. And sleep right through the night” March 29, 2010

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EL RENO — The ex-convict accused of strangling his girlfriend and her four children is a fan of Insane Clown Posse, a rap/hip-hop duo known for profane lyrics about murder fantasies, necrophilia and violent acts.
with her death and the deaths of her four children, the…

They perform in concert as “wicked clowns,” wearing black and white clown makeup.
A line in one song, “Murda Cloak,” goes “I’m killing today to take this feeling away.”
The lyrics of another song, “Sleep Walker,” include the lines “Choke ’em. Kill ’em. And sleep right through the night.”

Josh Durcho, 25, is charged with five counts of first-degree murder in the deaths in El Reno. He listed ICP — short for Insane Clown Posse — as his only musical interest on the Web site MySpace.

On one arm he has tattooed the words “Wicked Clown’o.”

One criminology expert said violent lyrics can influence troubled young people who absorb themselves in the music.

“Would violent lyrics in and of itself push someone to violence? No,” said Kathleen Heide, a criminology professor at the University of South Florida and author of “Why Kids Kill Parents.”

“But if they … were angry … alienated … depressed … doing alcohol and drugs … have difficulty with feelings and they’re not successful with life, that absorption in negative themes … can provide the impetus,” she said.

Durcho was unemployed and has been in prison for marijuana.

The singers could not be reached for comment.

ICP fans are called “Juggalos” and “Juggalettes.” Fans have been implicated in other high-profile crimes across the country.

In North Carolina, four teenagers were accused last month of killing a friend in a bizarre case.

The teenagers allegedly read their friend his fortune with tarot cards, beat him in the head with a hammer and suffocated him with duct tape, according to news accounts. Those details mirror lyrics in Insane Clown Posse songs and one of the suspects identified himself on MySpace as a Juggalo.

In Utah, a man identified by police as a member of a Juggalo gang was found guilty last week of attempted murder. Police say he attacked a teenager with a medieval battle ax. Insane Clown Posse sells items depicting a stick figure with a hatchet.

Read more: http://www.newsok.com/el-reno-suspect-listened-to-violent-music/article/3338792#ixzz0jXJRKGQo

Why Juggalos are a Gang In Salt Lake City March 29, 2010

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Heres why

A 22-year-old Juggalo gang member was convicted Wednesday of first-degree felony attempted murder for attacking a Kearns teenager with a medieval battle ax in July.

A 3rd District Court jury delivered the verdict to Scott Tyler Stapley around 7 p.m. after deliberating four hours and listening to several witnesses and closing arguments in the two-day trial.

Stapley faces five years to life in prison when he is sentenced March 20 before Judge Judith Atherton.

The case against Stapley boiled down to whether he intended to kill 17-year-old Justin Ennis in July when he assaulted the boy with a four-bladed warrior axe with a spiky ball attached, causing severe injuries to the teenager’s neck and shoulder — or if the incident met the criteria of an aggravated assault charge.

Defense attorneys claimed throughout the trial that Ennis was targeted outside his home in the early morning hours of July 29 because he supposedly passed a sexually transmitted disease to a girl one of his assailants later slept with.

Attorney Scott Wilson claimed Stapley’s friend, Cody Jesse Augustine, 21, was angry he contracted an STD from a girlfriend and believed Ennis, now 18, was the source of the disease. Whether Ennis passed along an STD is unclear, both prosecutors and defense attorneys said Wednesday.

Augustine’s assumption he’d picked up an STD from Ennis, however, enabled him to persuade Stapley to assault Ennis after the two had split a liter of hard alcohol earlier in the evening, Wilson said. Although Stapley had tried to talk his friend out of going to Ennis’ home, he changed his mind after Augustine complained of pain from the STD while urinating. Stapley went along as a lookout and backup man, Wilson said. “He went there to protect. When you place yourself in a bad situation, bad things happen,” Wilson said, before asking jurors to convict Stapley of a lesser assault charge.

But prosecutor Stephen Nelson said the attack on Ennis was an attempt to “chop somebody’s head off.” He compared the incident to a “Hollywood slasher flick.”

“The only thing that separates this attack from one of these movies is that it actually happened,” Nelson said.

“Just because the defendant is not an efficient killer, doesn’t mean he didn’t intend to kill him.”

He cited Ennis’ injuries from the battle ax, which included a 8-inch cut to his neck, a 10 1/2 -inch cut in his left pectoral muscle and smaller cuts on his shoulder and hands among other injuries, according to charging documents.

Ennis testified on Tuesday that he received a series of text messages from his attackers, who posed as a girl named “Stacy” to lure him outside around 4:30 a.m. Ennis said he believed he was meeting Stacy for “a booty call.”

Ennis said Stapley slashed his neck and shoulder with a four-bladed warrior ax, and Augustine stabbed him with a knife several times.

The men fled, and Ennis went into his parents’ house, where he told them he needed help and laid in a bathtub bleeding until paramedics arrived, he said.

Stapley took the stand to defend himself on Wednesday, saying he regrets his decision to hit Ennis with the battle ax. He said his action was self-defense, and that Ennis ran toward him outside while trying to escape from Augustine.

He said he bought the ax for about $25 from Pipe Dream Gifts, a store in Salt Lake City. He said he chose the battle ax over a table leg that was in a box of weapons in his car because he feared other people might have been with Ennis outside the house.

The attack was meant to hurt Ennis, but not kill him, Stapley said.

“[Augustine] felt that it was solely that guy’s fault that he was pissing blood,” Stapley said.

“I told him he wasn’t going alone. I didn’t want to read my friend’s obituary in the paper,” he said of going to Ennis’ house.

Police have said Stapley and Augustine are members of the Juggalos, a purported gang that follows the Insane Clown Posse rap group. A “hatchet man” necklace belonging to Stapley that was found at the crime scene and an emblem on his vehicle are linked to the Juggalos, police said.

The battle ax incident has drawn attention to a Juggalos presence in the Salt Lake Valley.

A group of about 15 teenagers who called themselves the Salt Lake City Juggalos organized a protest outside The Depot at the Gateway Mall on Wednesday afternoon, saying their group is misrepresented by the violent actions of people such as Stapley.

The group called Stapley a “Juffalo”, or a person who is not a true Juggalo because violence is not a part of the teachings of the Insane Clown Posse. The group said it is organizing rallies because members have been kicked out of the mall’s food court for wearing clown face paint and it is unfairly labeled as a gang.

Augustine will next appear in court Jan. 23 and scheduled for a trial in March.

Outlaw the HatchetMan March 29, 2010

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The Gang Symbol – The Hatchetman Needs To Be Outlawed

Know About the Juggalo Gang March 29, 2010

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Juggalos consider themselves “family” members and are dedicated followers of a band called Insane Clown
Posse (Psychopathic Records label). They originated on the East Coast,
and some groups have formed a gang-like mindset. The Hatchetman is
the record label’s logo but now identifies the gang. Members paint their
faces white with black accents and often wear red and black clothing.
Female members are known as Juggalettes, and male members are known
as Juggalos. Local members have committed robberies and assaults.

Law and Order – Juggalo Subculture exposed March 28, 2010

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Law and Order - Steal Eyed Death - Juggalo Crimes Episode Review

Steel Eyed Death – Juggalos on Law and Order Review
Here is my review of the latest law and order epp
i think it accurately sums up all juggalos and exposes the truth of the music and environment juggalos thrive in .

the Criminal Justice System the people are represented by two separate,
yet equally important groups. The police who investigate crime and the
District Attorneys who prosecute the offenders. These are their stories.

don’t understand how they can walk around like that” – opens the
episode about juggalo crimes and the juggalo gang of law and order
steel eyed death.

The concerned mother tells her daughter Zoe, a juggalette to stop banging against the wall.

The next day we see juggalette Zoe slit her throat, her dad stabbed, blood on the wall,
The mom also attacked in what in a ways seems to have come out of 90% of the songs in the insane clown posse’s catalog.

A little Baby is killed with the words syco on the wall, juggalos gone wild and it’s the first minute of the ep.

We find the murdered girls room, drugs and what looks like faygos.
juggalette has been tramp stamped, black lipstick, nail polish, condoms
and chains in her bag, all that’s missing is face paint and you got
typical juggalette gear.

The angle tattoo tramp stamp was
missing a devil stabbing an angel, sort of like icps song lyrics – were
not sorry if we tricked you.

Some pimp is found dead with a knife, should have been a hatchet to be more authentic, however a juggalo committed the crime.

However they find 2 ticket stubs to the horrorcore fest at the red bar… you know what we are going find here JUGGALOS….

man , juggalos all look alike to me” responds the bar owner which not
only shows the criminals after in this epp but also the so called
uniqueness that juggalos claim to have is non existent to the general
public.  OWNED


“That’s what those horrorcore rap physcos call themselves, they put on clown makeup, dye their hair, Freaks Man”

“Matter of opinion”

“Matter of fact, their music’s all about how much they hate everybody, and what their going to do about it “

play kid zombie or Kid Crusher whatever who got butt hurt about it,
should of not sold his song if he didn’t want it used..way to sell out
the juggalo fam whoop whoop.

“You cater to this crowd ?”
“their not that popular , we book a few shows each year “

So where do the juggalos hang out
“In front of their computers , their losers”

A killers who’s looking for inspiration , this would be the place……
It turns the juggalos have been murdering people and posting their crimes on the internet

find crazy j the murder has been posting on a anime and comic book site
– which looks and sounds like Gaia online with juggalo hang outs  like
the ~The Gaia Juggalo Gathering~ guild .

of the cops goes into a stair well is attacked by a hatchet wielding
juggalo all painted up , who he quickly puts into a wall – violent j
and shaggy would be proud as this sounds exactly like the stuff talked
about in the song my axe is my buddy.

We now find bonnie , a juggalette trying to kill a little black girl – Racist juggalo .
She then tries to kill her self.

take the juggalo to the precinct , he still has most his paint on and
is about to cry and starts yelling to screw the police , screw the
morgans , and screw all 53 states. Note to juggalos there are currently
52 states….. stay in school whoop whoop

The girl fakes memory loss and now is in a mental asylum ,she nearly looks human with out her juggalo get up …
Now after the juggalo music is taken away from her she claims “I don’t want to hurt you , that’s wrong”
She had a life and it all was ruined as she liked “horrorcore music and violence”
And they find her parents , who are shocked at her juggalo appearance in a photo.

Her parents then lie to protect Amanda and her juggalo ways in court.

“please mr cutter , there’s something wrong with my daughter , I know it“ yep she’s a juggalette .

“the hatchet was cleaned with bleach , we cant tie him to murder scenes“
I wonder what icp song told him to do that .

What made the murderer and juggalo snap “maybe his mother threw away his comic book collection” .

met zoe on this horrorcore message board , he got really mad , he took
out a knife and started stabbing her , he went and got this hatchet
that he keeps in his back pack , he went crazy on zoes dad , he killed
zoes mom then I told just where his brother was hiding , Justin killed
him” –juggalos are family so they help commit murders.

Not only did Justin juggalo commit murders but he took photos to put up online .

juggalos mom tries to blame 9/11 on causing her son to wet the bed and
become a juggalo. His musical tastes were death metal then moved to

Justin juggalo Was  a good student who never aroused suspicion aka sleeper cell juggalos.

a sub plot of the 2 detectives with one having blood on his shirt and
he got drunk and him having post traumatic stress disorder and not
committing crimes which is used against juggalo Justin who gets 30 to
life for his juggalo ways .

So big ups to Dick Wolf for his
excellent and accurate analysis of juggalos and juggalo crimes and the
evils of horrorcore music especially that of the Insane clown Posse –
This was based on real life murders by Syco Sam . A horrorcore fan and
member of the juggalo family.

Steel Eyed Death – Juggalos on Law and Order Review


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Page 1
Date 07-06-06
This group (Juggalos) has recently surfaced… where they attacked 23 people in three separate attacks the week
of June 19th
. There were 7-8 men in their late 20s, claiming they were “Juggalos”. The victims were beaten
with sticks, threatened with a machete or robbed of cell phones, shoes, and wallets. ICP (Insane Clown Posse)
graffiti has also been present in the area… They are tagging, wearing black bandanas, and fighting with the
Surenos (Hispanic street gang). There have been fights, cross-outs of graffiti, and forcible taking of black
bandanas. In February 2006, an Insane Clown Posse follower, Jacob Robida, 18, used a hatchet and gun to
attack three patrons in a gay bar in New Bedford, Massachusetts, and then fled. He was later captured in
Arkansas after a 16-mile police chase, but during the capture, he killed his female passenger, then killed a
police officer. He was then shot by police and later died. Although this group has not yet been labeled as a
traditional “Street Gang” they are starting to commit crimes (as in above case) where they are claiming they are
Juggalos, which does constitute the labeling of a gang.
The Juggalos and Juggalettes (females) have a heavy presence on the East Coast and rapidly growing across the
US with members in the thousands. They are followers with a true addiction to the Insane Clown Posse (one of
the most hated bands in the world) and have based an entire life style around them. They do not jump in to a
gang, but they are very dedicated to the Insane Clown Posse and each other. They claim no violence, but this is
not true
. The make-up of this group is mainly Caucasian. They have lines of clothing, jewelry, paraphernalia,
etc. Most that claim Juggalo or Juggalette will have tattoos. They also follow other bands such as the Dark
Lotus, Twiztid, Anybody Killa, Jumpsteady, Psychopatic Rydas, etc. These are all violent, sinister and vulgar
rap/rock groups. The Insane Clown Posse began in the early 90s out of Detroit, giving themselves the identity of
clowns to better fit in while preaching the messages of the “Dark Carnival.” The Juggalos can be identified by
heavy clown make-up (sadistic wicked-type faces and jester style), tattoos, clothing, and specific music
possessions. The hatchet man (tattoo above) is the most common tattoo as it is the symbol of the Insane Clown
Posse record label, “Psychopathic Records”. The hatchet can be seen in numerous colors. They also tattoo other
music groups they follow – “ICP”, “Dark Lotus” (tattoo above), etc., along with many other types of tattoos.
They wear dark clothing, but do like to also dress in bright clown colors, dye their hair in bright colors, and
wear Mohawks. They like to stand out and be noticed. They tag areas with “ICP”, “Dark Lotus”, etc. They also
have their own hand signs.
Excerpt from internet: “A Juggalo is someone who doesn’t give a f_ _k what people think about them. They have
entered the world of the Dark Carnival and Insane Clown Posse because they themselves have been considered clowns,
buffoons, idiots, and freaks. Being a Juggalo reflects an entire lifestyle and state of mind… it is something that is
impossible to define, even for a Juggalo. To understand what a Juggalo is, you must truly be a Juggalo.”
There is an ongoing dispute with the Insane Clown Posse and Eminem – you may see reference to him in
graffiti and tattoos. The ICP also references the “Dark Carnival” in their lyrics, which to all Juggalos is
“GOD.” It is the ultimate heaven for Juggalos, “where they will experience paradise and never have to worry.